'Oto' Envisions a Solution for Getting Around a Congested City

 - Dec 20, 2017
References: oiiostudio & dezeen
For the Automobility Designer/Developer Challenge 2017 at the LA Auto Show, architecture firm Oiio introduced the 'Oto' concept, which imagines a new method of personal transportation to help individuals get around crowded cities such as Los Angeles.

Oto is a concept that acknowledges the fact that the majority of cabin, engine and trunk space is wasted in conventional cars that are occupied by only a driver. Instead, this single-occupancy vehicle introduces just a transparent cabin to maximize space available on the roads.

For getting around, Oiio imagines that Oto would operate on a powered wheel base. On the future of transportation, Oiio says: "It is possible that, in the future, LA people would be able to own only the cabin and, through AI centrally controlled circulation, they could create a temporary assembly-unit, an ephemeral design, which would serve their 'exact' needs on demand."