Not Just For Celebs Anymore

 - Nov 16, 2007
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Ever wonder how celebrities always manage to find the trendiest clothes? Well, they don't; their stylists do. Contrary to what you might imagine, most starts don't lounge poolside all day, studying Vogue or scouting out what's hot at Styleteria. That's the job of their personal stylists.

The good news it, now you can hire one too, or, if you've got an incredible knack for what's hot already, why not consider becoming a fashion consultant yourself?

Remember Nicole Richie a few years ago? Her outfits were pretty crazy, but in recent years, she made her debut as a fashion icon thanks to stylist Rachel Zoe. Zoe is one of Hollywood's best known fashion consultants and has worked with celebs including Mischa Barton, Keira Knightly and Jessica Simpson. Zoe is featured in the first photo, the others are of celebrity stylist Bobbie Thomas and male stylist Adee Phelan.

Stylists first do a consultation with you, get to know your current style and what image you're hoping to reflect with their help. They'll take celebrity styles you admire into consideration, and other wants and needs you have. Are you on a tight budget? Do you only support eco-friendly products? They'll listen, then help you find what work best.

It would be easy just to copy what's in the magazines, provided you had the money, but then you still wouldn't be setting your own trends, you'd just be copying. No good if you want to be considered a fashion trend setter. That's why hiring a personal wardrobe consultant works wonders. They're no longer just for A list celebrities are or the ridiculously affluent -- they're available for people like you!

The Boston Globe gave the inside scoop on the services offered by some mainstream stylists in Boston. If you leave elsewhere, a quick Google search will reveal stylists in your area.

If this sounds like a job you that would be perfect for you and your style savvy, check out this how-to guide for getting paid to dress others as a fashion consultant yourself.