Call of Duty Now Available in Badass Drinkable Form with Perk-a-Cola

 - Feb 7, 2013
References: geekologie
Gear up soldier, your duty is calling you to exterminate your thirst with extreme precision with this line of Perk-a-Cola drinks right out of the Call of Duty games. Created by Reddit user Kjkemme and his sister (whose zombified hand appears in the images), these colas will appeal to any Call of Duty gamer.

For the unititated, Perk-a-Cola is an in-game power up that allows gamers to get much needed boosts in the multiplayer arenas. Of particular interest to competitive gamers are the nutritional facts, which include your daily recommended dose of headshots and grenade kills.

The ingredients include "badassery, electricity, blood, sweat, tears, guts, vodka, zombie appendages and teddy bears." Every gamer worth their salt needs their daily dosage of teddy bears, so it's a good thing that Perk-a-Cola gives you that essential teddy bear boost.