This Period Periodic Table Enlightens Us on Female Cycles

 - Dec 9, 2013
References: iheartguts & designtaxi
In order to help girls and ladies through the very confusing changes that happen in a body of a female when on their periods, I Heart Guts has created a periodic table of menstruation called the ‘Periodic Table of Your Period’. It is an informative table of all things related to every woman’s menstrual cycle. Including everything from menopause, mucus, chick flicks, to follicles, estrogen, condoms and ibuprofen (for the cramps), this chart is complete with personified drawings, smiling tampons, crying TVs and other important hormones that are coursing through your body on a month to month basis.

The first column consists of menstrual slang like ‘Aunt Flo,' the second features differing types of menorrheas, the third are the stages of menstruation, and the fourth features different stages of egg development like the ‘follicle’ stage and the ‘ovum’.

The period table for your period is definitely informative and extremely fun to read at the same time.