The PENSA 'Street Charge' Idea is Solar-Powered

 - May 20, 2012
References: vimeo & fastcodesign
The PENSA 'Street Charge' initiative to install power stations on existing street signs is an idea that will supercharge the world. Brooklyn-based PENSA has conceptualized a world where everyone can stay connected at all times.

These charge-up rest stops comprise of an ultra-modern curved structure that would attach to the top of a regular street sign. Sporting photovoltaic cells on the top face of the curved structure, it would harness solar energy, providing energy for the two USB ports at the small ledge near hip level. With the curved section doubling as a light during the night, the structure provides light so the contraption is useful still at nighttime.

Integrating this minimally disruptive proposal into existing infrastructure seems more than plausible, leading a whirlwind of implications in terms of solar energy and changing the face of cities for the future.