Artist Hyemi Jeong Turns Household Objects Into Comical Pen Sketches

 - Sep 11, 2014
References: & laughingsquid
Hyemi Jeong is a Korean artist and illustrator that cleverly incorporates various household objects like cotton swaps and hair clips into the body of a hilarious set of pen sketches. The objects become the colorful centerpieces of a variety of funny comics that turn the said object into something entirely new.

Jeong has a knack for looking at everyday objects and seeing them in an entirely new perspective as vastly different things. For example, one of the drawings showcases a circular orange slice being served up as a slice of pie thanks to an added hand drawn pie dish and serving spoon. Another image turns a bottle of eyedrops upside down to make it into a miniature water cooler. While these illustrations are relatively simple, they really capture how we can see the world in a different light if we look at things from a new perspective.