The Peeps Exhibit Portraits Place Women Next to Synthetic Toys

 - Sep 29, 2012
References: sjfuerst & schonmagazine
London's Nettle House is currently featuring the highly anticipated Peeps Exhibit. The synthetic series brings forth a set of paintings that place women next to plastic inflatable toys, be it life-sized zebras or miniature horses.

Artists Sally Jane Fuerst and Luca Indraccolo worked together to put on the Peeps Exhibit display. The warehouse-like room proved to be a prime showcasing space for Fuerst and Indraccolo as they brought in the same props that they incorporated into their oil canvas pieces.

The portraits are remarkable realistic. The female subjects are depicted with exceptional attention to detail, many of which appear to be frozen in a picture form. The showings were also quite interactive, seen in the exchanges between the viewers and the gigantic blow up objects.