Peecycling Fertilizing is a Unique New Wave Farming Practice

The next wave in sustainable living is 'Peecycling' fertilizing, which is not a practice for the weary-stomached.
Human waste van ber converted into valuable fertilizer which can provide valuable nutrients for crop farming. The recycling of urine seems bizarre, however, it's a sustainable and cheap method for some farmers. Plants need phosphorous, and human urine is a source of phosphorous, especially since some scientists are claiming that we will run out of phosphorus by 2030.

Instead of flushing away urine, farmer Seth True pumps urine from a 275 gallon tank for transfer to his crop farm. The Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant offers alternative farming options for farmers instead of investing in synthetic pricey fertilizers, which create environmental problems. A waste water plant Rich Earth local, accessible, free and sanitary sources of nitrogen and phosphorous.

Although Peecycling seems bizarre, it makes perfect environmental sense for people who can get past the "ick" factor.