Pebble Salt & Pepper Shakers Feel Natural to Hold in the Palm of Your Hand

 - Jan 7, 2014
References: pigeontoeceramics
These lovely Pebble Salt & Pepper Shakers bring charming references to the natural world into places that have become increasingly separated from the out-of-doors. The contemporary home can be a pretty closed-off ecosystem that's lacking in 'eco.' Made by Pigeon Toe, these seasonings dispensers have been cast in porcelain from genuine river rocks, giving them wonderful organic appearances.

The white ceramic material is sanded down to reinforce the smoothness of the original collected stones. The surfaces have been left matte for a more authentic tactile quality and the insides have been lightly glazed to make them easier to clean. Cup the Pebble Salt & Pepper Shakers gently in your hands and the flavor enhancers will escape through the tiny holes in the middle.