A Bag of Peas Please Contains More Than a Serving of Vegetables

 - Jun 12, 2015
References: peeledsnacks & chicagotribune
The next time you hear someone asking for "peas please," they're probably referring to one of Peeled Snacks' products.

The all-natural and organic pea snack is made with a blend of pea flour and brown rice flour combined with sunflower and safflower oil. After this base has been prepared, herbs, spices and seasoning are added based on one of three flavors: Garden Herb, Sea Salt and Southwest Spice. Although the ingredients are blended, once they are baked, they are reshaped to look like crispy pea pods once again.

Although the pea is one of the tiniest of all vegetables, Peas Please packs about 3.5 servings of vegetables in each bag. As well as feeling good about indulging in a healthy treat, people snacking will also be left full of protein, iron, fiber.