Peach Cheerios Put a Springtime Twist on a Popular Breakfast Cereal

 - Mar 11, 2018
References: delish
For those who want to inject a bit of springtime flavor into the first meal of the day, General Mills has announced it will be releasing Peach Cheerios. Joining other fruit flavors such as Banana Nut and Strawberry, the new cereal give consumers a deliciously sweet way to start the day.

Peach Cheerios are a limited-edition flavor that will begin rolling out in grocery stores nationwide as of this month. The cereal is made with whole grain oats and a peach puree concentrate to give it that fruity flavor. The result is a peaches and cream-like flavor that is subtly sweet without any artificial aftertaste.

Gluten-free and boasting a similar nutritional makeup as other Cheerios products, the peachy new cereal is sure to be a hit among kids and adults alike.

Image Credits: General Mills.