This Pawel Dziemian Series is Down and Out

Many artists and photographers fall into the trap of over-emphasizing obvious beauty such as a sunset, flowers or the ocean; however, the same cannot be said for Pawel Dziemian.

The London-based photographer recently released a series titled 'Down Hill' that portrays scenes fitting with its title. That is, scenes of self-destruction, unfortunate accidents, reckless abandon and just plain seediness. He eloquently captures the fleeting aesthetic beauty that occasionally wisps through such scenes; the way the light falls softly through a window into a disheveled room, for instance.

Still, none of the photographs shy away from the grit of their subjects. This is seen in the way Dziemian depicts a car accident. There are few stylistic elements employed; instead, the photograph soberly depicts the grim scene as if one were to walk past it in person.