This Photography Project by Patrice Letarnec Puts People Into Cages

 - Jul 28, 2015
In Patrice Letarnec's Human Zoo project, the French photographer takes people and puts them in the place of animals in zoo-like cages.

The subjects, alone or in small groups, are placed in cages furnished only with sparse shelving and leafless branches. They are shown slumped against each other or their environments in positions of lethargy and despair. Patrice Letarnec's Human Zoo is a commentary on the ethics of keeping animals in cages, shifting the perspective on humanity's relationship with the creatures who share our planet. The series of photos is provocative and unsettling, posing serious questions through the medium of striking images.

Photography as a medium is an important tool in the pursuit of social justice, because it can expose situations and create awareness without forcing a particular position on its audience. As with Patrice Letarnec's Human Zoo, many photo projects use images to ask questions of their viewers, rather than make explicit statements.