The PARTNIKU Walker is Dynamic, Adjustable and Includes Storage Space

 - Oct 9, 2014
References: & phoenixhollo
There is certainly standard walker available to seniors requiring some assistance getting around, but the designers of the PARTNIKU Walker went out of their way to come up with a brand new formula. Striving to forget the way that the typical piece of equipment is composed, the duo developed an alternative that greatly improves upon existing models.

Yoo Young-Hoon and Yoo Seong-Ik began with a very stable base that comprises four sets of two wheels. These would be larger and feature better grip than the norm, enabling the user to venture off the beaten track. Depending on the height of the person, the PARTNIKU Walker can be heightened or lowered with the separation of the wheeled frame. In its lowest position, the collapsable support trolly can become a convenient chair to welcome some rest.