The Caterpillar Parking Spaces Conveniently Cover Cars in Compact Areas

 - Nov 13, 2015
References: youtube & geekologie
These innovative caterpillar pod parking spaces have been seen throughout China as a way to save on space but offer the same security and coverage as an underground parking lot. The pods are designed to creatively expand like a shell covering over the car to provide a secure place to store a vehicle in an open lot.

Many urban locations often are tight on parking spaces despite the large amount of drivers coming in and out of the city. Often times outdoor lots are used, but they open the vehicles up to potential vandalism, break-ins and hit-and-run damage. These sleek pods creatively feature a curved dome at the back of the spot that drivers reverse their vehicles into. Then turning the car off, the pod can be activated to close over the entire vehicle offering a sheltered space in a compact venue.