Paramote by Mac Funamizu Brings Clarity to Synthesized Systems

Whether you consider this gadget to be the ultimate in laziness or efficiency, you've got to admit that the Paramote by Mac Funamizu is genius. The slim transparent device incorporates a clear display touchscreen and a sensitive circular trackpad. From this multitalented digital-age doodad, you can modify everything from the volume through your speakers to the brightness of the room.

A near invisible device when not in use, it sits discretely on its cylindrical charger. The Paramote by Mac Funamizu is a universal remote controller concept like you've never seen. A simple point at a light fixture, your television, your stereo, or even your air conditioner will permit you to exercise a multitude of functions. Most impressively, the see-through gizmo can even produce a full QWERTY keyboard for your use of Internet TV.