The Paperboat Carpet isn't Made for Walking

The ‘Paperboat Carpet,’ designed by custom rug makers WE MAKE CARPETS, is an artful creation. While hand-made carpets are traditionally woven, this particular piece is made out of folded origami paper boats. The distinctive piece is a custom-made creation first displayed at a party hosted by Die Like Disco at 51 skate park in Eindhoven. WE MAKE CARPETS goes outside of the box to fuse traditional methods with 21st century materials.

This forward thinking blends classic ideals about quality carpets with current issues faced in the design world. "This imaginative piece seems solely decorative from a distance but holds a stunning surprise upon closer inspection." The highly textured piece is more a piece of art rather than just a home textile. The dynamic design of the ‘Paperboat Carpet’ is both memorable and alluring.