Minet Opticiens Channel Nature Through Life-Size Paper Origami

 - Jan 30, 2018
References: anthonysarrus & fubiz.net
Minet Opticiens in Brussels has an eye-catching life-size paper whale to bring personality to its window display. The handcrafted masterpiece is made from the collaborative efforts of designer Agnes Tai and visual illustrator Anthony Sarrus.

The 'Baleine Bleu' (French for "Blue Whale") draws attention to the store both aesthetically and conceptually. On one hand, the beautiful paper display features an enormous artisan-made paper whale and accompanying smaller oceanic creatures. The origami creations are playfully intertwined between white coral-inspired stands that highlight Minet Opticiens' product. On the other hand, the paper whale display subtly reminds passersby about the beauty and wonder of the oceanic world and the importance of ecological sustainability in keeping the water clean and unpolluted for the benefit of aquatic life.