This Vintage Book Art Mimics Decorative Pottery Pieces

 - Feb 29, 2016
References: cecilialevy & demilked
This collection of paper pottery was created by artist Cecilia Levy who re-purposes old books to make her masterpieces. Using both traditional paperbacks and recycled comic book pages, Levy creates intricate and detailed paper ceramics.

Her most notable creations include oversized teacups, saucers and full-on sets that consist of multiple cups, trays and even kettles. Whether opting for beige page prints that are adorned with black literary typography or more colorful comic book ceramics, the artist's pieces each appear elegant and lifelike.

Each different than the last, Cecelia Levy's paper pottery creations boast textural details and can even be stacked like real ceramics. Her creations will appeal to lovers of oddities and are an interesting way to make use of old or tattered book pages that would otherwise be discarded.