The Paper Dragon Project was Completed by a Team of Eight People

 - Jun 19, 2013
References: indulgd & designtaxi
The Paper Dragon Project is an impressive and vibrant paper art creation built and put together by a team of eight people. This incredibly detailed paper sculpture was created with only glue, scissors, colorful paper, white paper and cutters. These are the kinds of materials you find at a kindergarten craft table and yet this creative team of talented artists made a stunning sculpture with them.

This sculpture features a beautiful white and gold castle sitting on top of a mountain. It also features small huts, roads and patches of grass trailing down the mountain side, but the focal point is about what’s winding around the mountain community. An enormous red dragon has seemingly emerged from the water and coiled around this stunning mountain landscape.

The lovely Paper Dragon Project is exquisitely detailed. It’s hard to believe this is a paper creation.