The Paper Chess Set by Chronicle Books Lets You Take Chess Anywhere

 - May 30, 2013
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The Paper Chess set by Chronicle Books revolutionizes the age old game of chess for portability and functionality.

Chess is one of the most intellectually stimulating mind games and can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere. Chronicle Books' Paper Chess Set is neat because the pieces come completely two-dimensional. Each chess piece comes with two paper cut-outs that slot in together so the piece can stand up. All you have to do is punch out all of the 32 pieces, slot the necessary cut-outs together -- without the need for glue or tape -- and being to play.

This Paper Chess Set takes no time at all to set up and can easily be disassembled, flattened and conveniently put away. A great game for travelling, cottages and car rides, the Paper Chess Set is great for kids through to adults.