DooDaaStudio's Paper Calendar Presents the Days Ahead in Toaster Form

 - Sep 4, 2014
References: etsy & etsy
This adorable paper calendar from Etsy's DooDaaStudio is shaped to look like a toaster, where each month of the year occupies a single slice of toast.

The Tastee Toaster Desktop Calendar is printed on recycled paper, and comes with a rectangular base that the extra toast slices can be stored in. Up top, there are two slots for the current and next month to line up, so that the design really does look toaster-like. The paper calendar is shipped flat, but it's extra easy to assemble, since it comes with scored lines so that folding is a breeze. Each of the months has a slightly different flavor to it, since the typographic treatments range from grapey jam-like colors to warm marmalade shades.