These Panoramic Illustrations Visualize Lucid Dreaming

These panoramic illustrations were created by Cyril Rolando and they feature incredible colors and a surreal story. His illustrations have a magical element to them, from the different hues of color to the illuminated quality in each drawing. You can almost feel the texture of the elements as you look at their great detail.

Every detail in his drawings looks so life-like, but there is still a fantastical element to them. The feeling you'll get from looking at his illustrations isn't far from what it feels like to have a lucid dream. You are conscious of what is happening and aware of what you see, but you know it's not a reality but an alternate imagined universe.

These beautiful panoramic illustrations will take you through the sea, across mountains and into pools of crystal water. Cyril Rolando is able to translate the magic of dream worlds into his surreal illustrated scenes.