'Pandyland' Generates Tens of Thousands of Webcomic Combinations

 - Aug 16, 2016
References: pandyland.net & boingboing.net
Comedy is unique and generative, but it still relies on certain formulas, and the Pandyland webcomic generator shows that even random combinations can lead to relatively coherent humor with a bit of a nudge.

The browser-based webcomic generator creates three-panel comics featuring two simple characters: Simon, a blond guy with a pink shirt, and Finlay, a brown-haired guy in a green shirt. The characters have little more to them than those sartorial traits, since the randomly generated comics can put them in vastly different scenarios.

Though Pandyland can often be nonsensical, as any randomly generated piece of art can be, the webcomics it creates have a surprisingly high hit-rate for funniness. This is because the three-panel structure of webcomics has a relatively strict formula: set-up, development, and punchline. By writing and drawing images that fit within those parameters, the Pandyland creator could be relatively confident with the quality of the jokes, even when randomized.