These Pampshade Bread Lights are Made from Actual Baked Goods

 - Dec 11, 2013
References: pampshade.tumblr & thatsnerdalicious
Believe it or not, you're actually looking at real bakery products when you set your eyes on the Pampshade Bread Lights. The scrumptious croissants and scones have been mixed with the typical ingredients, popped into the oven and then transformed into idiosyncratic light fixtures.

Weak flour and hard flour are blended together with yeast to produce a stiff recipe that rises as you'd expect. After cooking, the buns are left to cool, then hollowed out in places and embedded with LED lights. The electrical components are connected, after which the Pampshade Bread Lights are coated in an inedible resin to harden and preserve the scrumptious pendant lamps. The delicious textural details of the loaves make for thicker and thinner surfaces that produce intriguing areas of brighter and more diffuse glowing.