Michelle Samuels' 'Painted Faces' is Emotionally-Charged

 - Mar 7, 2011
References: behance.net & behance.net
I never thought much of painted face photoshoots until I saw Michelle Samuels' 'Painted Faces.' 'Painted Faces' is different from most painted photo shoots in that it is completely unscripted.

Samuels' 'Painted Faces' consists of a variety of volunteers told to paint their faces however they wanted. The only catch was that they couldn't paint anything symbolic. This type of abstract art usually turns me off, but I found 'Painted Faces' to be quite refreshing and incredibly interesting.

When you're asked to do something creative, your inner-self is bound to shine through. Despite their abstract nature these face paintings show a wide range of emotions. From the painted tears to smiles, there is a lot to see and feel in Michelle Samuels' 'Painted Faces.'