This Book Mustache Page Holder Lets You Hold Your Book with One Hand

 - Nov 13, 2015
References: bookmustache & odditymall
Movember is in full swing, which means that it's that time of year again when loads of mustache-inspired products flood market to consumer delight; the Book Mustache Page Holder is no exception and is one of the handier products you're likely to come across.

While it is indeed fashioned to look adorably like a mini mustache for your thumb, the Book Mustache Page Holder is used to keep your book open to the page you're reading without having to use two hands. This is ideal for those who take the train to work or anyone who can't dedicate two whole hands to the simple pastime.

3D printed, the Book Mustache Page Holder is a great offering for guys and gals out there that are participating in or are in support of Movember.