Google Assistant Now Lets Users Treat Speakers as PA Systems

 - Nov 14, 2017
References: & thenextweb
Anyone who grew up with a large family knows the frustration of trying to get everyone in the house to do something, whether gathering for dinner or leaving for a trip, and has probably wished for an in-home PA system at one point or another. That wish has been granted with the new functionality from Google Assisant; with a simple voice command, users can now make the digital assistant broadcast messages across all the connected devices in their homes.

It's easy to use Google Assistant to turn one's connected speakers into PA systems. All users need to do is say something along the lines of "Ok Google, broadcast dinner's ready!" and the message will be played over all devices. Further, the program can be used to announce messages even if one isn't home, like to announce to the house when someone is on their way home from work, for example.