OZO Urban Furniture Gives Metropolitan Infrastructure a Facelift

 - Sep 5, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
Most city slickers can attest to the disrepair of many metropolitan facilities, so it was the idea of two designers to develop the OZO Urban Furniture Line as a sort of clean slate. The concept collection of lampposts, curb lights, benches, bus shelters and garbage cans is quite consistent in its streamlined and modular aesthetic, offering an industrial, practical and elegant way to redress the city streets.

A curved bow-tie cross-section can be found within the tubular forms of every object, and while the separate amenities need not be combined together, their analogous images embody a polished and well-conceived theme. Luis Castanheira Santos and Ricardo Esteves Corga collaborated on the OZO Urban Furniture Line with an invested interest in promoting safety, comfort and cleanliness.