The Oya by GrowOya Slowly Dispenses Water Directly to the Roots

 - Oct 17, 2015
References: shop.growoya & thegadgetflow
When keeping a garden, watering from the top requires you to drench the surface for an extended period in hopes that you'll soak the roots enough to sustain the plants, but the Oya by GrowOya is an innovative yet simple time-honored way to keep your garden fresh and bountiful. The Oya by GrowOya clay vessel is planted in the garden area and filled with water; from here, plant roots will naturally gravitate towards the pot where they can take as much water from the porous container as they need.

An eco-friendly gardening option to help reduce water waste, the Oya by GrowOya comes in three sizes including small, medium and large to suit any style of garden, big or small.