These Owen Schumacher Illustrations are Fantastically Distorted

 - Feb 23, 2011   Updated: Apr 27 2011
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Owen Schumacher is a caricature artist with a reserved, but vibrantly creative illustrative style.

Featuring vivid and bright colors, work by Owen Schumacher illustrates life in a way that is both highly stylized, yet uncannily grounded. Whereas many caricature cartoon artists often rely on heavily exaggerated features, Owen Schumacher instead takes a far more measured approach that is even more interesting.

Implications - Pop culture-savvy artists such as Owen Schumacher have created a unique style of art that appeals to the masses. It manages to make fun of pop culture icons while demonstrating their artistic skills. Caricature art is also perceived as fun and emphasizes well-known characteristics, making it popular amongst audiences.