The Ovidius Psychedelia and Elysium Tees Feature Visionary Imagery

These Ovidius Psychedelia and Elysium tees epitomize an expressive and visually bold design concept. The London-based streetwear label returns with two bold new designs that feature photo-printed galactic imagery.

These eye-catching t-shirts leave a lasting style impression when paired with simplistic garments like denim basics. Embracing a design concept that views fashion as art, this unisex label creates urban casuals and transforms a classic t-shirt concept into a wearable art canvas.

The Ovidius Psychedelia and Elysium t-shirts feature high definition photo images of galactic sky views that resemble layers of vibrantly splattered paint. While Psychedelia embraces full-on color washes, the label's Elysium design opts for a more subtle approach and showcases a smaller image that is displayed atop a clean white backdrop.