Be Count Dracula or a Mustache Man with These Oversized Pendants

 - Jun 23, 2013
References: pinkoi
These oversized pendants are almost life-sized, perfect for when you want to hold it up against your face to imitate Count Dracula or a man with a mustache. These designs by Taiwanese designer BEKiDS take a playful turn on the functionality of jewelry.

The fangs necklace is a random and cute statement piece, but it could also scare off a couple kids when held up to your mouth. Meanwhile, the curly mustache pendant would be so much fun to play around with. You could grab it every time you have a question and say, "I mustache you a question." Jewelry is usually worn to prettily decorate an outfit, but these quirky designs let you transform into someone else's character. These original pendants are hand-drawn and hand-made.