- Jul 25, 2008
References: waitpal
Waitpal.com is a freelance website for regular folks who want someone to do those chores or odd jobs they do not have the time or motivation to do themselves. For those looking to earn a few extra bucks, you can advertise your services and bid on jobs in your area.

The site is set up for the majority of countries but seems to have hit the Spanish market first, although this will surely change as the site gains popularity.

While you could of course look through the phone directory to get a plumber etc. it is pretty difficult to find someone to do the more mundane tasks in life like go and collect your dry cleaning, wait in line for hours to get some paperwork sorted and other time-consuming tasks.

Because Waitpals have to bid for the tasks you list, when the site grows you will be able to find someone who won´t rob you blind as they will have to state their price upfront and outbid other Waitpals. They also have to do a good job because you can give them positive or negative feedback, affecting any future work they could get.

There are never enough hours in the day, so why not get someone else to do your dirty work and spend the extra time you gain on having fun instead.