OTO Watches Introduced 'Aspiration' & 'Cutting Edge' Timepieces

 - Sep 10, 2018
References: andykurovets
Designer Andy Kurovets designed the two latest OTO Watches that boast the names 'Aspirational' and 'Cutting Edge.' The concept that lies behind the two new timepieces is supportive of each individual's desire to be their own unique self and encourage the act of creation. Within the two conventional watches, the hands are seen with a silhouette of a small human figure that is reaching towards new heights whilst balancing on the other hand, designed to represent a high wire.

Both pieces reflect an intellectual idea and spiritual search that joins the journey of Kurovets himself. The Aspiration watch is designed to replicate the idea of an individual's new achievements that go beyond the ordinary and reaches for more. The Cutting Edge watch draws influence from the idea of an eternal human to push their boundaries and achieve a sense of balance to reach a goal.