These 'Orlogin' Ben Broyde Time-Tellers are Vibrant

 - Dec 26, 2011
References: & artschoolvets
The 'Orlogin' by Ben Broyde newly designed clock series includes bright and crafty pieces that are retro-inspired. The artist's design derives from two dimensional sketches allowing him to experiment before constructing these timepieces.

The artist's layered sketches prove helpful in the development of the final product formed from wooden cylindrical, cubic and other geometric shapes. These shapes are formed together and then coated with brightly hued paint that is later cut away to reveal exposed wood surfaces. These kooky grandfather clocks are nostalgic and playful in their design. Raw wood is paired with bold primary colors giving the time-pieces an authentic and crafty aesthetic.

These time-telling art pieces by Ben Broyde are a modern take on a classic household staple. The iconic grandfather clock is revamped and reintroduced as a colorful and contemporary item.