Flavia Petite's Axe-Tie-Collar Dress Can Be Worn 32 Different Ways

 - Jul 22, 2009
References: petitelady.ru
Flavia Petite, the inventor of the unique transformer Axe-tie-collar, improved her idea and created 32 versions of her collar.

Axe-tie-collar dresses can take different shapes: romantic, strict, elegant, feminine, casual.

The transformer Axe-tie-collar has a little button that can change the tie’s shape. These different versions of the Axe-tie-collar can be used to create the appearance of 32 dresses from only the one!

The idea of the Axe-tie-collar came to Flavia in the middle of the dark night. A traditional Russian fairy-tale speaks of a hungry soldier who promised to prepare porridge from an axe in order to coax food from a stingy but curious woman.

Flavia thought: "If a dress would be shaped like an axe, what would it look like?" She took a pencil and started drawing.

One of Flavia’s guiding principles life is to materialize her ideas. Recently Flavia produced her first ever collection of dresses made specially for petite ladies like herself.

The majority of her dresses have original collars.