Orgasmatron 3000 Brings Fun To Washing Clothes

 - May 21, 2007
References: dominicwilcox & designcrack
I have heard this urban legend all of my high school and college life that goes like this: having sex on a washing machine can cause women to go wild with passion because of the slow vibrating motion of the washer. The spin cycle is supposedly particularly hot. Finally, someone, this being master of everyday design Dominic Wilcox, has capitalized on this idea and created a much more straightforward and user friendly washer for this purpose: The Orgasmatron 3000. The Orgasmatron 3000 is a sexy washing machine. It's wrapped in black leather, and has been fitted with a black leather saddle for those wanting a quick ride. The settings of this washing machine have been updated to meet its purpose, so no longer will people choose from settings like “cottons” or “permanent press”. People now choose from the kind of fun “oh!” to the on the verge of death setting of “oooooooh!”. I'm only assuming that the higher you make the setting the lower your concern whether your clothes come out clean or not.