Evelien Crooy Used Insects to Create Shades of Red Organic Ink

 - Nov 5, 2013
References: dezeen & psfk
Evelien Crooy, a graduate of graphic design, created shades of red organic ink using tiny female insects. The cochineals are usually found in South America and are known for their ability to produce a red dye called carmine.

When the bugs are mixed with natural acids and salt, different shades of red are produced. Crooy also wrote a book that features photographs of products that contain this unique organic ink. Some of these products are candies, cosmetics and drinks. She screen-printed the cover of the book from the ink as well.

Crooy told Dezeen, "I also think there is a dark side to the whole idea of using an insect but I wanted to show her beauty and all the colors she can produce." This creative way to make organic ink could inspire many artists to use raw materials or make their own for their artwork.