This Oreo Separator Machine Blasts the Dessert into Pieces

 - Mar 27, 2013
References: youtube & walyou
Some people, myself included, prefer the cookie and some people prefer the cream, yet this Oreo separator machine was built for those who "simply love neither cookie nor creme," as described by Jörg Sprave of The Slingshot Channel on YouTube.

More of a gun than a slingshot, this wooden cookie launcher can be loaded with several Oreos at once, and shoots them out of the barrel through the snap of a rubber elastic when the trigger is released. Sprave shoots the Oreos through a cardboard box, smashes them against a brick wall and sees if they can penetrate ballistic gelatin.

In the end, the purpose of this Oreo separator machine isn't to get a clean separation of cookie and cream, rather the purpose is to blast the entire cookie into crumbs.