Crif Dogs' Oreo Bacon Hot Dogs Make for a Sweet and Savory Dish

 - Jul 6, 2015
References: crifdogs & vogue
Just in time for grilling season, Crif Dogs released its newest culinary innovation -- Oreo Bacon Hot Dogs.

While the NYC restaurant is known for its unconventional hot dogs, the Oreo Bacon Hot Dog is the most unusual. Crif Dogs co-founder Brain Shebairo describes these dogs as a "stoner's delight." Using a traditional sausage, Oreo Bacon Hot Dogs feature a beef wiener that is wrapped in bacon and topped with Oreo cookie pieces. These hot dogs fuse sweet and savory flavors, which may seem unusual but Shebairo insists that these hot dogs are worth trying.

Oreo Bacon Hot Dogs are offered at all NYC Crif Dogs restaurants. However, this dish is so simple that consumers can easily make this bizarre meal at home.