Oral-B Breath Campaign Recommends Revealing an Unremarkable Impression

 - Oct 3, 2011
References: academyart.edu & adsoftheworld
People love a good story, but as this Oral-B Breath campaign points out, it's best not to put one forth at your expense. The toothbrush manufacturer airs on the side of caution when it advises that revealing less is worth more for your image if you're a smoker, a drinker or a coffee or garlic lover.

Targeting an expansive consumer base that indulges in these activities, rather than the smaller group of people with pristine pearly whites, the Academy of Art University advertising studio recommends the teeth cleaning implements as a means to wipe away the plaque and the stink of bad breath so that such less becoming qualities are washed away.

This Oral-B Breath campaign was designed as centerfold magazine ads so that when the reader opens the page, it's as if he is opening a mouth full of cigarettes, beer and the like.