Sebastian Errazuriz's Opera Fireplace Features Mini Flammable Actors

 - Jul 9, 2011
References: meetsebastian & mocoloco
The Opera Fireplace is definitely a masterpiece. Part art installation and part functional fireplace, it was inspired by the idea that fireplaces have a strong resemblance to theatrical stages.

Conceived and created by Sebastian Errazuriz, the Opera Fireplace was hand carved out of 600 pounds of Italian marble complete with its curtains, stage, floorboards and stairs made of wood. A limited-edition creation, the Opera Fireplace can be fitted into any home. Each one comes with a set of wooden 'actors' hand-carved out of logs of maple as well as a wood backstage structure.

Although devastating to think about, the actors are supposed to go up in flames in the Opera Fireplace. Thankfully, replacement actors can be ordered.