Linux Based Monolith Challenges TiVo

 - Dec 30, 2006   Updated: Apr 21 2011
References: gobloggit
Why bother with a TiVo or Windows Multimedia PC when you can build an HD DVR that lets you ignore DRM copyright codes and record anything you want? The open sourced DVR systems runs on linux and can easily be modified.

Implications - On top of being completely free from monthly charges and able to ignore DRM codes, the Monolith is also fully capable of utilizing open-source plugins to further enhance its capabilities. From weather reports and jukeboxes, to effortless file surfing, the Monolith is truly an entertainment device unlike any other. It's not hard to imagine that a few companies will be upset that it circumvents DRM copyright codes, but you really can't fault a product for giving consumers what they want.