The Geological-Looking Oooglow Lamp Takes on a Planetary Appearance

 - Jan 13, 2014
References: & designspotter
During the day, the Oooglow Lamp wouldn't prove to be an overly obvious feature in your home; its subtlety is due to its organic shape, its sculptural modesty and its pale coloring. Turn all of the lights off, however, and suddenly this light fixture becomes the focal point -- and the only thing visible -- in the room.

The beautiful and crudely shaped capsule looks like a jagged precious stone, but this has actually been made from phosphorescent polyester resin. A bright LED light fixture is installed in the core of Manuel Kretzer's contemporary creation, affecting but not overheating the plastic. When dark falls and it's time to go to bed, the Oooglow Lamp will be fully charged and capable of emitting a mesmerizing and soft blue-green radiance.