MyStetho is a Virtual Vet Startup That Uses Smart Stethoscopes

 - May 28, 2019
References: mystetho & upwork
MyStetho for Pets, a data-driven pet health advice service, is changing the way consumers access appropriate healthcare advises for their pets. The app gives consumers 24/7 access to vets via a chat. To ease communication between vets and pet owners, MyStetho delivers a smart device that records and analyses pet heart and lung sounds.

The smart stethoscope is placed on your pet's chest and artificial intelligence guides you to properly record the useful noises. The recorded sounds are saved and shared via the MyStetho for Pets app. Veterinarians review the heart sounds and provide you with data-driven advises. The app gives consumers real-time access to ask health questions regarding their pet.

This online data-driven pet health advice service could drastically increase pet owner's access to reliable healthcare advises for their animals.