The One Mobile Phone Unfurls to Expose a Flexible Touchscreen Display

 - Aug 11, 2012
References: & yankodesign
The popular desire truly is for larger, clearer and more vibrant displays on handsets, and the One Mobile Phone would be one of the few to more than adequately deliver without any of the drawbacks. This cutting-edge cellphone concept is as compact as a ballpoint pen, enabling you to conveniently and easily pocket it in a way that the newest and sharpest smartphones are decidedly difficult.

In its closed position, the stylus-like handset includes a banner of text and information including the time of day, any incoming notifications, the quality of cell reception and the battery's charge. But pull open Yejin Jeon's futuristic smartphone like a scroll or a projector's screen and you'll have full access to a vivid 6-inch interface. With this, you can browse your multimedia data, the web and your cloud computing memory.