Omron Reveals a Futuristic New Housing Monitor

 - Jul 19, 2011
References: japantrends
With the entire country enraptured by the mantra 'setsuden' (energy-saving), Japanese mechanical engineering company Omron has devised a futuristic home console which will be capable of measuring and regulating temperature, air velocity and humidity throughout your house or office in the hopes of reducing unnecessary energy use.

Appropriately called the 'Indoor Environment Monitor,' the device uses motion-sensing technology to identify the occupants of the room, measure their body temperature and adjust the temperature accordingly. And should you leave a child or senior citizen unattended at home, the information aggregated by the monitor can be forwarded to a smartphone and remotely adjusted.

Imagine having the ability to remotely check your sick uncle's temperature from the pharmacy check-out line, as you pick up some flu-relief medicine. And top it all off, Omron's Environment Monitor allows its users to save considerably on their monthly electricity bills.