This OMO Ad Likens Bad Detergent to a Terrible Car Wash

 - Jan 10, 2017
References: youtube & adsoftheworld
Agency TRY created a comical OMO ad that imagines a car wash, called 'CHEAP & SHINY,' which does much more damage than good.

It starts out with a man in black car entering the car wash. He leaves and goes to sit in a waiting area, however when he comes back, he notices that his car is no longer black. Rather, it's an unattractive washed-out hue of gray. He's incredibly confused and asks the man at the car wash why it has shifted in color, to which he responds to by saying, "The color has faded a bit. That happens after some time. It's a black car, with a tiny shade of gray."

Later, a woman with a red car enters the car wash and has a dull pink car returned to her. Other customers end up with "pills" all over their vehicles, which are represented by circular gobs of material that are stuck to the exterior. The point of the OMO ad is to show viewers that they shouldn't be accepting this kind of treatment from their laundry products either.