These Unilever OMO Ads Compare Indoor and Outdoor Activities

 - Jun 6, 2014
References: unilever-esa & adeevee
The 'VS' Unilever OMO ads pit technology against activities that you have to go outside and get dirty to do. On the left side, the ads show a cell phone, a game controller and a tablet alongside soccer balls, sand castles and trees. Beneath this is a long list of activities, assembled like a pros and cons chart.

The left side's list is made up of inexpressive button combinations, emojis and apps, while the hand-written list on the right side has way more fun ideas of ways to spend your time. Why be cooped up inside all day and be mildly entertained, when you can climb trees or learn to juggle soccer balls outside? As these ads cleverly suggest, you'll have fun and get stained, but that's what OMO is for.